Get familiar with Louisville on a Fun City Tour this week!

There are not many cities in the United States that has more unique local customs than the wonderful city of Louisville, KY. Whether you have recently located to the Derby City or have lived here for quite some time it seems as if there is always something new to explore. Some attractions and parts of Louisville's culture are so unique that you can even re-experience them over and over and it never gets old! With so many unique local customs in Louisville it can be challenging to get a full 'Louisville experience' in one day, but Fun City Tour gets pretty close.

Rated as the #1 attraction in Louisville by TripAdvisor, City Taste Tours gives you a unique (and tasty) experience of the city! On Tuesday November 18th you can check out the 'Everything You Should See, Know and Taste While You're in Louisville' tour. As the name suggests, this tour will provide you with ample opportunities to see some of Louisville's beautiful neighborhoods, attractions, and scenery as well as see why Louisville is consistently voted one of the cities with the best cuisine options in the entire country!

Some of the stops of the tour include:

  • Historic Fourth Street
  • The Falls of the Ohio
  • Museum Row
  • Kentucky's Premier Bourbon Chocolatier
  • Kern's Kitchen
  • and much more!

There are two time slots, with one tour leaving at 9am and the other tour leaving at 1:30pm. The cost of the tour is $59 per person; if you are interested in being a part of this amazing experience call City Taste Tours at (502) 457-8686!

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