Small Kitchens, Big Opportunities

Premier Homes Team has had some wonderful kitchens in our listings. Many of our buyers and sellers feel the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this mindset usually equates to thinking the kitchen must be enormous-- NOT TRUE! There are so many creative ways to add space and storage in your kitchen and avoid overcrowding countertops and collecting clutter. 

1. Think Vertical! Go up, up, up! Try out a shelving system for the items you usually keep on the counter, Ikea has great systems in any finish. Move your flour, sugar, and coffee canisters to a modern shelving system with hooks for your coffee mugs that hang on the coffee tree taking up your counter space! 

2. Door Storage. Easy DIY afternoon project. Attach magnet strips to the inside of your cabinet and store all your spices in metal containers you can attach to the inside of the door. BRILLIANT! All your spices are visible and not taking up precious shelf space! 

3. Think cohesive. A lot of kitchens get lost in overdecorating. Simple color schemes that flow with appliances create an the illusion of a bright, open, inviting spaces perfect for the kitchen that wows and sells! 

Check out some of our "tiny" PHT kitchens, they sure turned out beautiful and sold fast! 

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