Why yes I will take a nap....

Premier Home TeamsIt is a common Saturday afternoon tradition around my house- take that nap. However is a nap a good idea? Does it keep you awake at night? Are the kids running a muck?

Here are five reasons you should take a nap:

1. A nap is restorative.  Naps can help you have a more productive day by giving you a recharge.  A short nap has been proven to help you feel refreshed and recharged.

2. A nap can actually help reduce heart disease. It is reported that a nap for working men can reduce your chance of heart disease by 64% - do not believe me look it up on Harvard Medical Review.  Tell your boss if she does not want to kill you - let you have that nap. 

3. You will be more alert if you take a quick 20 minute nap.  Not any longer than that or you will feel groggy.  Try after lunch for the best 20 minute snooze. 

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4. I will just have a cup of coffee... Not a great idea - while caffeine may make you feel wired for a short time, caffeine can also reduce memory and may not make you any more productive.

5. A nap can sort of reboot your brains short term memory storage.  A short 20 minutes is like hitting the little button on your computer when it goes haywire.  

So take that nap - and when you wake up look for homes on our website while you are fresh - Snooze you win home search

Remember to take that nap and when you wake up from a great restorative sleep you will only be able to think of one thing - Call Premier Homes Team for help buying your home.  All smart people do.  

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